Friday, June 14

[WATCH] Ron DeSantis asserts that if Trump is found guilty, he should be barred from participating in the general election.

In a recent interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis clarified his position on former President Donald Trump potentially being nominated as the Republican Party’s candidate for the 2024 Presidential elections, given the ongoing legal investigations.

During the interview, host Willie Geist brought up a previous event where all GOP candidates, including DeSantis, were asked if they would continue to support Trump if he were convicted in court.

During the first GOP debate for the 2024 presidential race, the candidates were asked if they would still support Trump as the party’s nominee if he were found guilty in a court of law. Each candidate raised their hand to show their commitment to the party’s choice, even if it meant supporting Trump after a legal conviction.

When asked about his stance on supporting Trump, DeSantis was one of the last candidates to raise his hand. In the MSNBC interview, Geist reminded DeSantis of his statement during the August debate and asked if he truly believed a convicted person should be president.

DeSantis, reflecting on his pledge, explained that he had signed a pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee, but he did not believe someone in those circumstances could be elected president. He stated that it would be detrimental in a general election and that the party should not nominate someone in that situation.

However, DeSantis emphasized that he had signed the pledge as a Republican and didn’t believe it would come to that. He expressed confidence in getting the job done as needed. Despite his concerns, he acknowledged that he had made the commitment by signing the pledge.

Watch the interview below:

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