Sunday, June 16

About Us

Are you disappointed by the lies and incorrect information served to you daily by the mainstream media? Would you like to see the world from a different, more realistic angle? Our site offers you a different view of everyday life and politics in the USA, a perspective that will make you think, become aware, and feel a real and positive change in your life.

The Very Beginning

We are several young authors, who created this website at the beginning of 2023, without any funding and on a completely voluntary basis, and agreed to do something useful as well as independent, to show the citizens something different, something real, something that will represent a true revolution in the sea of monotonous information and widespread unanimity.

Our Mission

We are aware that politics is an essential part of everyday life for all of us, and it is woven into every segment of social life. Considering this fact, we think it is important to have freedom in thinking but also in presenting information. That way, everyone will be able to decide for themselves who is worth their trust. On our site, you will find the latest news and information, mainly from the political sphere, but also other more general news that will help you keep up with the latest developments every day. We hope that our site will be a breath of fresh air in the heap of manipulations that have overwhelmed our society in recent years.

We know very well that sometimes it is easy for a person to fall under the influence of fake news and manipulations, but it is not impossible to look the truth in the eye and start clean. We sincerely hope that our site will help you with this.

The information put out by the mainstream media has huge media coverage, which is understandable given their way of working and funding. But the desire for a change and the idea of presenting a different point of view is what drives us, so without any funding, we start our story, which we hope will be successful. And you, dear visitors and readers of the site will help us with that.

Love for Our Country

But perhaps our main driving force for the creation of this site is the love for our homeland USA. If you consider yourself a true patriot, a person who loves their country and want a bright future in it for themselves and their loved ones, you are in the right place. This site is our common fight against the corrupt mainstream media that has dominated the media space in recent years.