Sunday, June 16

Newly Released Video Shows Hamas Terrorists Using 2 Gaza Hospitals.

Israel released disturbing footage on Sunday, alleging that Hamas terrorists were using two hospitals in Gaza City. They announced plans to encircle the area within 48 hours and begin ground combat.

Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, spokesperson for the Israeli Defense Forces, presented videos to reporters showing what he claimed were Hamas agents using an underground tunnel entrance at Sheikh Hamad Hospital. He also claimed that they were firing at Israeli forces from within the medical center.

Hagari stated, “Not only did we uncover a tunnel underneath the hospital, but the terrorists also shot at our soldiers from inside the hospital.”

According to the IDF spokesperson, a network of tunnels was discovered under the Indonesian Hospital, with rocket launchers positioned near the building.

Hagari alleged that Hamas had purposely built the Indonesian Hospital to hide their underground terror infrastructure. He presented an aerial shot of the complex as evidence.


Furthermore, Hagari provided recordings of purported conversations between Hamas officials discussing their use of fuel reserves that belonged to the hospital.

Humanitarian organizations have expressed concern over the critically low fuel supply, which is essential for civilian needs, including medical facilities and water pumps throughout Gaza.

These videos were released following international condemnation of Israeli airstrikes near hospitals where tens of thousands of Palestinians are seeking treatment and shelter.

The IDF claims that Hamas has constructed a 300-mile-long tunnel network beneath hospitals, using wounded Palestinians as cover.

Israel has announced its intention to fully encircle Gaza City within 48 hours and proceed with a ground invasion. However, they have stated that Israeli soldiers will avoid entering the tunnel system due to concerns of booby traps.

The current invasion plan involves systematically clearing areas and eradicating Hamas over the course of several months to a year. The tunnels will be addressed at a later stage of the invasion, with potential airstrikes on tunnel entrances if deemed necessary based on intelligence.

While the IDF has not ordered a direct assault on hospitals, there have been reports suggesting that military force may be employed in those areas, including Shifa Hospital, where senior Hamas members are suspected to be seeking refuge.

To prepare for the invasion of Gaza City, the Israeli Air Force has dropped over 1.5 million leaflets in northern Gaza and made more than 20,000 calls urging Palestinians to evacuate.

Hagari emphasized that their war is with Hamas, not the civilians in Gaza, and called for an end to Hamas’s exploitation of hospitals to hide their terror infrastructure.

Watch the briefing by IDF spokesperson RAdm. Daniel Hagari about Hamas’ exploitation of Gazan hospitals.

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