Monday, May 27

Trump Attorney Alina Habba: The Bogus Trial and Soros-Backed Letitia James

Donald Trump appeared to be defending himself against financial misrepresentation allegations brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James. The courtroom saw tense proceedings, with Judge Arthur Engoron frequently intervening to keep the hearing on track.

Engoron seemed upset that President Trump could freely speak during his trial.

Reports suggest that Engoron repeatedly criticized President Trump for his long-winded responses to questions about his successful international business.

Attorney General Letitia James aims to take $250 million from the Trump family for claims that the Trump organization overvalued their assets, but the court has failed to prove this during the trial.

Alina Habba, Trump’s attorney, was direct in her address to the media.

Habba criticized Letitia James for her pursuit against Trump, emphasizing that every American citizen has the right to a fair defense and a voice in the courtroom.

Habba also criticized Judge Engoron’s behavior, stating that she was yelled at and witnessed him slamming a table. She called for a restoration of respect and fairness in the judicial system.

Habba accused Attorney General James of having political biases and being supported by George Soros, a far-left financier. She argued that James rushed to judgment without understanding Trump’s accomplishments and expertise.

Habba alleged that Judge Engoron had issues with facts that didn’t align with his desired narrative and claimed that the judge had predetermined the outcome of the case and was attempting to silence Trump’s explanations.

Regarding President Trump’s decision to plead the Fifth Amendment previously, Habba explained that it was a strategic move made during a special proceeding and asserted that the decision to fight the case on its merits was based on the belief that there was no substantial evidence against Trump.

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