Sunday, June 16

Exclusive Interview: Hezbollah Member Reveals Plans Against Israel

On Wednesday, a Lebanese imam associated with Hezbollah told MSNBC’s Matt Bradley that Lebanon had many “martyrs” ready to support Hamas and “sacrifice themselves against Israel.”

MSNBC’s Matt Bradley spoke Arabic with the imam and then translated.

The imam said he doesn’t wait for a signal from anyone. When asked if the Lebanese people feared a war, he said no. He told Bradley that Lebanon has hundreds, even thousands of martyrs prepared to sacrifice themselves against Israel.

Bradley mentioned that this statement caused anxiety in Lebanon and Israel. He explained that if Hezbollah decides to enter the war, it would be a significant development.

He highlighted that Hezbollah is more powerful than Hamas due to its partial governance over Lebanon, support from Iran and other Middle Eastern actors, and freedom of movement for its people. He also mentioned their real weapons and training, as well as their experience in fighting in Syria.

Bradley concluded by expressing the concerns of the U.S. and Israel about Hezbollah potentially getting involved in the conflict in Gaza.


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