Saturday, February 24

‘Kill the Babies!’ Anti-Israel Hecklers Taunt Jews at Stroller Protest

Hecklers taunted a protest organized by Jews in Skokie, Illinois on Sunday by shouting “kill the babies.” The protest aimed to raise awareness about the 30 children, including babies, who are being held hostage by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas in Gaza.

According to The Times of Israel, members of the Jewish community in Skokie organized an exhibit featuring 30 empty strollers to highlight the situation of these children. The exhibit was meant to draw attention to the approximately 210 other hostages in Gaza as well.

During the protest, some individuals driving by yelled obscenities, including the disturbing phrase “kill the babies.” However, a source informed us that there were more supportive drivers and passersby than opposed ones.

Skokie, an Illinois suburb near Chicago, has a significant Jewish population. In 1978, it gained international attention when neo-Nazis attempted to march through the area, hoping to provoke the large number of Holocaust survivors living there. The neo-Nazis ultimately won a First Amendment case in federal court but canceled their protest. Skokie is known for its diversity and tolerance, attracting immigrants from various backgrounds, including Muslims. It is also home to Chicago’s first major Muslim elementary school.

While the Jewish and Muslim communities in Skokie coexist peacefully, tensions have recently arisen between them due to radical pro-Palestinian activists following a terrorist attack by Hamas in Israel on October 7.

There are currently 241 known hostages in Gaza, including children, the elderly, and the disabled. Israel has committed to making every effort to secure their release, even as it wages a war against Hamas.

A similar stroller protest took place in Tel Aviv, Israel, as shown in the photo accompanying this article.

Pro-Palestinian protesters have been seen tearing down posters displaying the names and faces of the hostages, attempting to obscure information about their plight.